mobileMD -
smart care

...shifting the customer care paradigm.

Smart care for smart devices

mobileMD is a comprehensive mobile care solution which increases first call resolution and call efficiency for mobile operators thereby enhancing brand and reducing care costs. mobileMD changes the nature of the user engagement with the care agent. As opposed to using current trial and error techniques to solve the user’s problem, the care agent now has intelligent and contextually relevant information about the device to resolve problems quickly. This leads to a superior customer experience.


Intelligent Dashboard & Device Vitals

mobileMD leverages activeLink, which is a unique and secure real time channel between the agent and the subscriber’s device.  Upon establishing an activeLink session, an intelligent dashboard is populated with relevant device information within seconds.  


mobileMD inspects installed applications and, if an operator-recommended app is missing from the subscriber’s device, the agent is notified. The agent can then send an SMS to the customer with a link to the recommended app in the app store. Using mobileMD, mobile operators can recommend their preferred apps to open-market device users, thus increasing brand recognition and revenue opportunities.


mobileMD monitors installed apps and running processes on the device. If malware is detected, the agent is warned. The agent can then send an SMS to the customer with more information about a preferred mobile security app. Furthermore, mobileMD supports phone safety features:

  • locate the device on Google Maps
  • ring the device (even if the device is in silent mode)
  • lock the device (with the capability to override the PIN)
  • wipe the device


mobileMD gives agents an opportunity to discuss usage patterns and educate subscribers about typical performance drains, as well as modify performance-impacting settings over-the air (including screen brightness, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth). The agent can also identify and close the top three battery-consuming apps on the subscriber’s device in a single click.


mobileMD can identify and correct broken or missing connectivity (APN and MMS) settings. mobileMD also gives the agent the option to discuss data needs with the consumer if the device is roaming at the time of the support call. The ability to remotely diagnose and fix broken connectivity settings equals significant time and cost savings. Without mobileMD, the agent can either manually talk subscribers through the process of checking and correcting settings, or send instructions to the subscribers walking them through the steps on their own.


With mobileMD’s smart care approach, operators and device manufacturers can:

  • improve first call resolution and call efficiency
  • reduce average handle time
  • improve net promoter score

Reduce call escalations and improve first call resolution (FCR)

  • smart device issues can be resolved by one agent in one support call: “One Agent, One Call” by giving agents smart, contextualized device information without having to rely on subscriber Q&A
  • the process of diagnosing and fixing a device follows a predictable, consistent process, which is vital for Tier 1 Agents
  • fewer calls are escalated to the next tier of support, and more issues are fixed completely on the first try

Improve net promoter score (NPS)

When a user’s issue is addressed by one agent in one call, quickly and professionally, net promoter score increases.  mobileMD’s agent and user interfaces allow users to quickly and easily rate their care experience at the end of each support session.

There are no longer any lengthy survey follow-ups, which extend the engagement beyond the original call.  Instead users are presented with a single experience question within their devices, leading to higher response rates and improved customer satisfaction results.

  • no opt-in, lengthy follow-on to the original support call
  • the mobileMD applications asks one simple question at the end of each support session
  • mobile service providers can get quicker and more stable NPS—data is gathered seamlessly from a larger group, and not simply from self-selecting customers who are motivated to express an opinion

Reduce average handle time (AHT)
mobileMD’s agent interface dramatically reduces time to resolution by presenting the care provider at the call center or within the retail store with device vitals and automated diagnostics in seconds.  At the same time, fixes are available to the care provider with a single click. 


mobileMD's smart care features coupled with preventive and prescriptive capabilities helps in quick diagnostics and efficient call resolution reducing user inconvenience and increasing user confidence.


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